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27 APRILE 2024

Via Bellinzona 2 ( Roma )

Info e Prenotazioni :

Whatsapp: 3490709468 

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The "New Orleans Funky Town" Band in concert at the Cotton Club Rome

The famous Cotton Club of Rome is preparing to welcome an extraordinary event: the New Orleans Funky Town concert.


Saturday 24th February at 10pm , this innovative musical project promises a unique experience, revisiting American songs from the early 1900s in an original way. A journey through the unforgettable melodies brought to success by the great masters of jazz music such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Carmen McRae, Louis Armstrong and Sarah Vaughan.
New Orleans Funky Town stands out for its bold harmonic and rhythmic reworking of timeless classics. The band, made up of talented musicians, challenges musical conventions by proposing a fusion of styles ranging from soul to blues, from funk to latin. The variety of genres allows audiences to immerse themselves in an immersive sound experience, offering something for every music lover.
The vocalist Chiara Vecchio will be the main voice of this extraordinary ensemble, guiding the audience through an exciting journey through the history of overseas jazz music. Next to her, the talented Gianluca Galvani on the trumpet, Paolo Bernardi on the floor, Moreno Viglione on the guitar,  Renato Gattone on the electric bass and Gianluca Perasole on the drums will help create a unique and engaging atmosphere.
What makes this concert even more special is the attention to detail and curiosities linked to each piece performed. The audience will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the stories behind the notes, discovering anecdotes and background stories that will further enrich the musical experience.

Conclusions: If you are a jazz fan or simply looking for an unforgettable evening of good music, New Orleans Funky Town at Cotton Club of Rome it is the event not to be missed.

Saturday 24 February 2024 @ Cotton Club 

10PM - Via Bellinzona 2 (RM)

Reservation and Info:

WHATSAPP: +39 3490709468

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