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The new musical project

Our first concert dates back to 1989, today after almost 34 years we have decided to continue our musical career with a new project that is the perfect match between our first love, that of New Orleans Jazz music and the Soul Jazz spirit of the musicians who form this energetic band.

Pubblico in un concerto

Our participations in the Jazz Festivals :

Umbria Jazz 2004, Villa Celimontana (RM), Latina Jazz, Milan Jazz 2005, Rimini Jazz Festival, RigoJazz, Multiculturita Summer Festival (BA), Girifalco Jazz 2007, Rimini Jazz, Sabina Jazz, Basili Jazz, Jazz Night Stars 2008, Rome Play Jazz, Milan Jazzin Festival, Fest. International of Matera 2009, Jazz in Italy, Roman Classic Jazz 2010, Gypsy Jazz Fest., Sicilian Jazz 2011 with Renzo Arbore, Lanciano 2012 with Fabrizio Bosso, 2013 Anzio and Lanciano with Giorgio Tirabassi, Miasino Jazz ( NO ) Gesualdo Jazz ( AV ) Rome Jazz Festival, Roccascalegna ( CH ), Basili Jazz ( MT ) Formello Jazz 2014, Sabina Jazz 2015 - Civitavecchia Jazz Festival, Marcianise Jazz, Cerenova Summer Festival, Lanciano Jazz Festival, Atina Jazz 2016, Ardea Jazz and Villa Celimontana. Jazz Tolfa Jazz Pescara International Music Festival 2018, Casa Del Jazz ( RM ) 2019, Villa Celimontana ( RM ) 2019 , Rome Classic Jazz Festival 2019, Bracciano Jazz Festival 2020, Formello Jazz Festival 2020, Villa Celimontana Summer Jazz 2020, Ostia in Jazz 2021,  Roman Classic Jazz Festival 2021, Ardea Jazz 2022 , Villa Celimontana 2022 , Live Colosseum 2022, Ardea Jazz 2023, Formello Jazz 2023, Fiumicino Jazz festival 2023

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The band

Gianluca Galvani ( trumpet / effect )

Chiara Vecchio (vocalist)

Paolo Bernardi (piano)

Renato Gattone ( e. Bass )

Gianluca Perasole (drums)

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